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Olá terráqueos!

Sei que pode parecer estranho para muitas pessoas que já leram alguns dos meus artigos me verem escrevendo em Português, mas estou vindo aqui para anunciar um novo projeto.

Antes de começar a falar do projeto em si, vamos falar de mim. Sei que muitos devem me conhecer…

If you don’t use the right tool to process your asynchronous tasks, it can easily become a bomb about to explode

While most developers know how important timers, BPT processes, and Light BPT processes are for designing their solutions in the OutSystems platform, they may not know when and why to use them.

You will find out more about it in this article!

The first aspect that I would like to…

As that scholar always said: "To infinity and beyond". So why not explore our possibilities to the infinity and beyond?!

I can bet that most of you as a developer have already heard about animations that can provide some movement to your web applications.

We have, basically, two ways of creating animations in web applications: JavaScript and CSS animations.

The focus of this article is on CSS animation because that…

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